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Chris Bleicher's team project with the avantgarde concept Communikation Worldwide in Real Time*) took place with about 25 assistants**). Some of them were at speciel times in the studio and announced under Events & Dates They chatted worldwide with the virtual visitors and had lots of fun!

*) 15 years later (in 2015) I read on the facebook page of a magazine that the NEWEST trend is "Communication in Real Time"! I could not resist the remark to write that I'm very glad, that my concept which I realized 15 years ago (!!!) is still brandnew...

**) With the friendly support of Model Agency and school Rose Westermayr

I am Croatian and living in Munich since 1996. I am a trained nurse by profession and look after some private patients. Since 1999 I am attending an artschool for graphics, design and painting, which I enjoy very much. My wish is, to develop a career in that direction, so that I could live by my art in the future. I'm interested in peepart, because I'm confronted here very closely with art. I like very much reading, prefer biographies, go for a walk and jogging, and I meet my friends.
After a study of law and an added marketing study I have worked successfully in communications in PR and the marketing field. Meaningful in my life is the communication and the study of human behavior in the every day life. Slender like a cat, I explore the world and experience nature with open eyes. Chris and I met at a "nature spectacle" in an unusual way, namely at an open air concert at the Munich "Koenigsplatz" (= name of place). I have a keen interest in the theater, especially ballet and drama.
I am from Lettland and quite new in the peepart group - my text will follow soon.
I was born in Munich and I will finish my high school in 2001. Later I want to becoma a police. Not the cool uniforms, but especially I like the contact with people. Otherwise I like to read a lot, especially Science fiction books.
I am 20 years old, grew up in Berlin and since October 1999 I am living in Munich. Because I got a good job offer as MTA in neuroradiology, moving was not so hard. In my leisure time I like to be very active: I do cycling, swimming, fitness, discos (southamerican rhythms) and I visit cafés and cinemas. As to peepart I like the variety of modeling.
Jana Jana
I am new in the group - my text will follow as soon as possible!
I study art history and communication science and work at the same time as a fashion model, photo model and a fitnesstrainer. Because I work a great deal abroad, I can only chat with you sporadically. I derive pleasure from the peepart-project because through it I get in touch with art and interesting personalities. I hope that we will have eventful and cheerful hours together.
I am 17 years old, born and raised in Munich; my parents however come from Hungary. Originally I wanted to be a make up artist, but then I ended up in the world of paragraphs: At present I complete my training as assistant tax accountant. This sounds very unromantic but it is very useful in life. My goal is to pass the tax consultant examination after the regular ten years of work experience and to be independent as tax consultant. As an enthusiastic cyclist I don't like to use public means of transportation, which doesn't mean that I'm not yearning for my driving license. In the winter time I spend nearly every weekend snowboarding in the "Wilder Kaiser" (= name of mountains) or farther away in the "Stubaital" (= name of location). Sports are my world!
I was born and raised up in Munich and I am in the 12th grade of a Munich school. As part of my training as teacher I want to go as an au-pair-girl for one or two years in the United States, preferrably California. After that I plan to go to Teneriffa in Spain. I like dancing most; I often go shopping and talk on the phone for many hours. I enjoy chatting and look forward to meeting interesting people at peepart.
I am new in the peepart group - after my SPACE I bodypainting on June 16, 2001 you'll find my text here.
I visit the junior high of a Munich high school with the main emphasis on foreign languages like Latin, English and French. In my leisure time I am with my whole heart captain at the Blue Candy Girls, a Cheerleader- and Fun-Dance Group. Since six years I am training Tae Kwon Do and I hope to shortly pass the black belt examination. I like modern cloths, cats like
"Carmen" and snowboarding. For three years I have been chatting around the globe and I see in the internet the future. For that I have lots of fun with peepart and I am glad that I can participate from the beginning!
I was born and raised in Munich. As a trained industrial manager I am working at a computer company as product manager in the marketing field at this time. Depending on the season I spend my leisure time rollerblading, biking or alpine skiing. My special interest is in the tresures of Asia as well as traveling and cooking. On weekends I am frequently gripped by the joy of dancing, where I go "zappeln" (= a German word used by young people for dancing by shaking the body) with house- and drum & bass-rhythms.
Noei and her Thai-Culture Group
I was born in Thailand and operated a modest eating place there. Since 1992 I've been in Germany and met other Thais with which I cultivate the beautiful Thai traditions. We organize celebrations with Thai-dancing, fruit- and vegetable-carving and Thai-cooking with people who appreciate our cultural riches. We have been at the many happenings of Chris Bleicher's such as her sunflower happening + extravaganza. I was one of her assistant "Sun Flower-girls".
I was born and raised in Munich. At three years of age I started ballet and at seven years step and modern dance; I spent nine years at a convent school in Haidhausen (= part of town). Later I studied English, German and French at the LMU in Munich as well as one year at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Back in Munich I dedicated myself to the dry study of law as a starting point for my professional future. As a balance I have been interested in plastic art for many years. Chris and I met each other at an opening; her peepart project enthused me so much, that I am now collaborating with her during its creative phases.
I am 24 years old and was born in the Czechoslovakia. As a trained photographer I got work on commission for a hospital to photograph children and adults during their stay there and their operations. After in our education system I studied graphics. I live in Munich to improve my German language for my professional future. For my many German lessions I don't have too much time now for photographing. Sometimes I go running.

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