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Chris Bleicher

Cultural Ambassador for Germany
Neon Artist

Hi and hello,

Welcome to my art pages. Please view as well my virtual art gallery under My websites are multifaceted like my own life.

About me in brief:

Born and raised in Munich, Germany. My father painted and had a technical profession. My mother wrote poems. I was encouraged and supported in art efforts by both my mother and father. After attending a convent school I successfully completed a bank training. Than I spent some years as a free lance worker while being active at the same time as an artist to the arts in order to dedicate myself completely to art afterwards.

My art is my passion and is inspired by my many exotic travels: Africa, Asia, Canada, Caribbean, China, India, Middle- and South America, South Seas, South Korea and the USA. A few years ago South Korea is added. The first trip there with neon art in the luggage was also adventurous because nobody spoke English. Communication with the museum people was just possible with translation app here.

Through my artwork I want to express "joy of living", stimulate the fantasy and promote a positive attitude with colors and shapes. I believe in experiamentalism, exposing in my art the exotic, erotic, ecological and humorous. I am generally the zeitgeist 8-15 years ahead, for example I am the first (neon) artist in Germany who started to paint (animal) urns & (animal) coffins: Urn Art. I was also with my LiveCam project "peepart" 17 years ahead of today's current trend "World Live on the Net"!

I don't have a leisure time in the conventional sense, as my profession is my free time. I find time to keep my body fit, because an esthetic body has a special fascination for me as an artist. I like to visit ballet performances to study the beautifully shaped and defined bodies in motion. Female and male eroticism, too, plays a role in my art. The stimulant for the erotic comes of life. Of particular interest are fringe groups. Any incident inspires my art. Since more than 20 years with numerous actions and happenings in the media I have shown commitment for preserving nature in combination with technology. I love people and animals. Today an intact nature is more important than ever before for the next generations.

In addition, volunteer work with 6-10-year-old children at a municipal daycare center and support from Brillen Weltweit (Eyewear Worldwide) with my glasses collection here

Chris Bleicher

More and actual about me see Vita below and my peepart Diary:

As Germany's first female artist, I sent photos and texts
every day in 2006 from New York City to the isarbote editorial team
(Germany's first online newspaper). At that time it was a technical adventure!
With recent articles I was on the front page.

Since January 2018 my own rubric:
Ungarn Panorama (Hungary Panorama) under "Kultur&Kunst"
click on top at "Chris Bleicher"


Curriculum Vitae
2006-present Own showroom in the heart of Munich, Germany

1994 First neon sculpture

1992 Series: "Sky, Clouds and Metallic Bodies" with original airplane parts
1988 Development of the traditional painting to the Neon Picture Object
(Combination of painting, collages, three-dimensional elements and neonlight)

2023 Ambassador/Germany: Appointed as public relations ambassador for Jeongeup Life & Culture Center, Korea

2023 Jury member of the 9th Geoje International Art Festival of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Geoje, Korea

2022 Jury member of the 8th Geoje International Art Festival of the Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Geoje, Korea

2022 Cultural Ambassador: Appointed by the ICOM (International Council of Museums ASPAC) and ICAF (International Culture & Arts Federation), Korea

2018-present Own rubrik at the Ungarnpanorama (more than 10 million readers); Chris Bleicher's peepart diary is the most read rubric of the Ungarnpanorama

2018-present Representative of Glasses Worldwide

1994 Registered in the Historic Archive of the National Gallery for modern and contemporary Art, Rome, Italy

1994 Jury member of the ADAC children and youth competition

1993 Jury member of the international children and youth painting competition of the Federation Aeronautique International

1993-2020 Board ShopArt e.V. (due to Corona the association was 2020 dissolved)

2023 Achievement Award of the Gyeongnam Future Development, Korea

2023 Certificate of Appreciation of the WCECA (Worlds Culture Exchange & Commerce Association)

2022 Appreciation Plaque of the Mayor of Jeongeup City, Korea
2022 Achievement Award from the ICAF (International Culture & Arts Federation) and the Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Geoje, Korea

2022 Excellence Certificate awarded by the Egyption International Foundation of Fine Arts, Egypt

2022 Certificate of Thanks of the Queen's Foundation for Cultures and Arts Around the World

2021 Best Award from the Haegeumgang Theme Museum in Geoje, Korea

2021 Plaque of Appreciation of the Mayor of Jeongeup City, Korea

2021 Honor Award, category "sculpture" from the Haegeumgang Theme Museum and ICAF (International Culture & Arts Federation), Korea

2019 German Business Award of the EU Business News for Chris Bleicher's URN ART

2019 Excellence Award 6th Geoje International Art Festival, Geoje, Korea

2018 International Award Leonardo da Vinci, Borghese Palais, Florence, Italy

2017 Bienal de Arte "For the talented artistic commitment", Barcelona, Spain

2017 International Francisco Goya Award, Barcelona, Spain

2017 International Galileo Award, Pisa, Italy

2016 Best modern and contemporary artist, Palais Sternberg, Vienna, Austria

1984, 1985, 1986 3 x 1st award for the best carneval costume, every year with a new costume, created by Chris Bleicher, Bayerischer Hof: "Carneval in Rio", Munich, Germany

2018 peepart wildlife cam for wild birds watching

2013 Founding of 7 collection points in favour of Glasses Worldwide in Munich and collection in the artists studio

2009 Founding of Bavaria Art Souvenirs and website on occasion of 200 years Munich Oktoberfest

2006 Travel diary online project in cooperation with the online magazine with daily reports (photos and text) from the USA about my travel in the USA from Sept. 5-25. In Germany I'm the 1st artist, who realized this with press/an online magazine.

2000 Millennium project with Koenigsbrunn city: Direct broadcast from Chris Bleicher's artists studio on big screen of Koenigsbrunn city - what was as well a technical adventure

2000 Founding of peepart assistant group

2000 Founding of peepart: 1st artist with LiveCam project with 24 hours live transmission on the internet with the theme "Communication Worldwide" what was at that time a technical adventure

1998 1st artist in Germany who started to paint (pet)urns & (pet)coffins, foundation of URN ART

1996 Own website

Charity (on a voluntary basis and without compensation)
2014 Creation and donation of Chris Bleicher's St. Gertrudis inspiration with neon: This artwork is blessed by Dechant Albert-Marie Demoitie in the collegiate church St. Gertrudis on occasion of the St. Gertrudis festival in Nivelles, Belgium. This artwork is just exhibited in churches.

2013-open end Collection of glasses and medical aid in favour of Glasses Worldwide and one a year day of open artists door

2012-2018 Children painting lesson with children of a municipal daycare in Chris Bleicher's artists studio with painted coffin: every year different projects with this children

1995 Gasteig Culture Center - Pre action in cooperation with the waste management office Munich - "The Night of Venus in the Jaguar" with performance & happening and tombola in favour of UNICEF

1993 Military university Neubiberg, Germany
Action "Children in the War" in favour of UNICEF

And much more charity actions in combination with Chris Bleicher's art

Architectural Art
2016 Mobile neon wall installation for the access to the hotel suites of the Premierenhaus, Erl, Austria

2000 Major order: Artistic interpretation of the ancient Wonders of the World as Bridge to modern times for technology conference with exhibition "Wonders of the World of Tomorrow", Kulmbach with Günter Verheugen, EU Commissioner and the companies BMW, ECE Centermanagement, E.ON Energie AG, GUB, company holdings, Microsoft, Novartis Seeds AG (Basel), Siemens Medical Technology - whose 7 workshops bore the title of seven wonders of the world artistically interpreted by me; patron: Edelgard Bulmahn, Federal Minister of Education and Research

Solo Shows and Events (Selection)
2006 Open End Exhibition "Enlightening Energy"

2000 Major order: Municipal Hall, Kulmbach - Stadthalle, Kulmbach - major order: artistic interpretation of the ancient Wonders of the World as a bridge to modern times for the technology conference with exhibition "Wonders of the World of Tomorrow", Kulmbach with Günter Verheugen, EU Commissioner and with the companies BMW, ECE Center Management, E.ON Energie AG, GUB, company investments, Microsoft, Novartis Seeds AG (Basel), Siemens medical technology - their 7 workshops bore the title of the seven wonders of the world, which I artistically interpreted; Patron: Edelgard Bulmahn, Federal Minister for Education and Research

2000 "Gautsch" in cooperation with the cultural department, Königsbrunn (near Augsburg): peepart: Live transmission of body painting actions on a large screen directly from the Munich studio during its Millennium event - 4 live cameras continuously transmit everything that is happening in the studio to the internet; peepart is supported by various online services

1999 Westpark, Munich - Start of the nationwide project "Ray of Hope": Performance with Sun Dance and the "Isarnixen" (= Munich water ballet), 100 m long chain of lights with 2000 lights on top of the water of the Lake Westpark: from one shore to the other as a symbolic bridge between the centuries with happening
1998 Münchener Tierpark Hellabrunn (= zoo of Munich) - "The Pike in the Monkey's House" with Exhibit of commissioned works
Forum der Technik, Deutsches Museum (= Forum of Technology in the German Museum, Münich) - "Chris Bleicher - Brother Van Gogh" with Coffin Performance and Sunflower Happening (with 14.000 fresh sun flowers) on the occasion of "Van Goghs Night" (in the 108th anniversary of Van Gogh`s death
1995 Gasteig Kulturzentrum (= Cultural Center in Munich) - pre-event in co-operation with the Disposal Department Munich - "The Night of Venus in the Jaguar" with Performance & Happening and tombola to benefit UNICEF
1994 Mercedes-Benz, Munich - neon art exhibit
1993 Hypobank, Munich - Action with African live music
Bundeswehruniversität (= University of the Army), Neubiberg - Action "Children in the War" to benefit UNICEF
Penta-Hotel, Freising - "Das Huhn im Cocktailglas" mit Performance
1992Galerie Inter Art, Munich - "The Crocodile in the Cocktail Glass" with Performance

1996 Atrium Art Deco, Strasbourg

1994 Aeropuerto dell'Urbe, Rome

South Korea:
2023 Yeosu Museum of Art, Yeosu - "Hi! Darling"

2023 Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Geoje - "Hi! Darling"

2023 Buncheong Ceramics Museum, Gimhae - "Hi! Darling"

2023 Korea Minting Museum, Daejon - "Hi! Darling"
2023 Daesan Museum of Art, Changwon - "Hi! Darling"

2022 Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Geoje - "Lightful Energy - Neon Art With Love & Joy" Extended 1/2 year due to positive visitor response

2018 Gallery ARTIFACT, NYC - "Neon Paradise"
1997 New Arts Salon & Studios, Philadelphia - "The Devil Rests in Paradise" with Performance

Group Shows (Selection)

2013, 2020 Frauenmuseum, Bonn
2018 Heimatmuseum Beuel

2009 Art Fair: Kunstmesse 06. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin

2001 Frauenmuseum Bonn

1994 ZAM Zentrum für außergewöhnliche Museen (= center for unusual museums), Munich

1992 Flugwerft des Deutschen Museums (= hangar of the German Museum), Oberschleissheim,Munich
Frauenmuseum (= Women Museum), Bonn

2017 Artfair art 3f, Brussels with Galería de Arte Gaudí (Madrid)

1997 Palais de la découverte, Paris

2023 Atashzad Art Gallery, Tehran
2022 Artland Gallery, Tehran
2021 Atashzad Art Gallery, Tehran

2021 Progetto Artistico Internazionale - Una Mattonella al Parasio, Imperia
2015 Temple Gallery, Rome
Museum SPAZIO TADINI, EXPO'15, Milan
2014 Temple Gallery, Rome
2011 BIENNALE Florence, Florence
2009 Art Fair: ARTEGENOVA, Genova
Art Fair: KunStart, Bozen

1994 Galleria Arts Nouveaux, Verona
Centro Promozione Artistica, Verona

1994 Museo dell'Aeronautica, Gianni Caproni, Trento (Flugzeugmuseum) -

Registered in the Historic Archive of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rome

2013+2014 GRIMALDI FORUM, Monaco: Galleria Monteoliveto

2022 Artbox Project Zurich 4.0: TV screen at the SWISS Art EXPO

2017 BIENNALE Barcelona in the MEAM Museum (Museu Europeu d'Art Modern), Barcelona
2009 Galeria Arte Gaudi, Madrid
South Korea:
2023 Online -
2022/2023 Jeongeup City Living Culture Center, Jeongeup
2nd Geongeup International Art Festival, It's a relative and absolute truth: axis of peace leaflet.
2nd Exhibition: Nov. 21, 2022 - January 25, 2023
1st Exhibition: October 14 - Ocotber 30, 2022
2022 Fantapia M. Museum of Art, Gangneung City
International Collaborations Project
2021 Yeosu Museum of Art, Changwon
3 Artists 3 Colors Exhibition
2021 Jeongeup Living Culture Center, Changwon
3 Artists 3 Colors Exhibition
2021 Daesan Museum of Art, Changwon
3 Artists 3 Colors Exhibition
2021 Kimboseong Art Center, Seoul
3 Artists 3 Colors Exhibition
2019 Yeosu Museum of Art
2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 Yukyung Art Museum*), Geoje International Art Festivals
(= Part of the des Haegeumgang Museum).

2023 "The Art of Music" National Taiwan Arts Education Center, Taipeh
Organisation: World Culture Exchange & Commerce Association
2023 "Save the Planet" Art Gallery, Tri-Service General Hospital, Taipeh
Organisation: World Culture Exchange & Commerce Association
2023 "Top 100 «UGSIFF» International Exhibition of Famous Artists (2)"
The Mall
, Taipeh
Organisation: World Culture Exchange & Commerce Association
2021 Tainan City Government Minzhi Municipal Center, Taipeh
Organisation: World Culture Exchange & Commerce Association

2023 "100 Female Artists of the World", TIME SQUARE big screen, New York City
2019 Artosino Gallery, NYC International Artwork Digital Exhibition in the Big Apple

2017 ART EXPO'17, NYC - with NICAS: Award for the Best Booth Design

2016 ART EXPO'16, NYC - with ART UpCLOSE Gallery, NYC

2007 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, New York City

2000 The Afa Gallery, Scranton, Pennsylvania

1999 The Alternative Museum, New York City - Millenium Juried Exhibition
1998 World Fine Art Gallery, New York City - "The Inter-Cultural Exchange"
The R-Tus-Gallery, New York City
1997 Abney Gallery, New York City
New Art From Israel Gallery, New York City - "The Cultural Exchange"
New World Art Center, New York City
2023 "(No) Plastic?", KunstSalon Kasteel Daelenbroeck, The Netherlands
2023 Virtual Exhibition, "Woman Life Freedom", Artist Senate
2023 Virtual Exhibition, "Phinisi Fest#2023", Faculty of Art and Design, Universitas Negeri Makassar, Makassar, South Sulawesi, INDONESIA
2022 Pakistan International online Gallery, "International contemporary art festival & online exhibition", PAKISTAN
2022 FourLive Gallery, Colombo, SRI LANKA "First Global Show"
2013 Pall Mall Gallery, London, ENGLAND
1997 The Bamboo Gallery, Providenciales (Turks & Caicos Islands, British West Indies) CARIBBEAN
Works produced to order and complimentary works of Chris Bleicher are in
private collections, in industrial companies, in the airplane museum "Museo Caproni" in Trento, Italy and Haegeumgang Theme Museum in Geoje, South Korea

Design of silver jewelry

Happenings and Performances (indoors & outdoors) covered in the media

(Corporate) Events

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