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Here you will meet some of my friends who visit my studio frequently.

I was born in 1978 and I'm a biology student. Chris and I met each other at the Munich Parkcafé (= name of club) when I completed my practical training with flatworms. My hobbies are house music, parties and dancing.
I am originally from Luxemburg and came to Munich in 1996 for my studies. For the summer of 2000 I worked for the Oxford University in Wales on an exploration ship to study the identifying critical habitats for bottlenose dolphins (known as Flipper) in Cardigan Bay in Wales. After my dissertation I would like to work with people and dolphins together.
Dr. Helena Pittermann
Chris and I have been friends for many years. We meet regularly for meditation and spiritual exercises, our so-called "Bodybuilding for the Soul". I work as a gynecologist and I also have a daughter, who follows my foot steps.
My hobbies are alpine skiing and mountain climbing. With Chris I have in common long distance travels, preferably India and Indonesia because of its high spiritual effect. Provided that my births allow, I make short city trips to places like Prag and Paris and visit the art exhibitions. I love plastic art, meditation music and classic music like Beethoven and piano concerts of Liszt.
I was born and grew up in Munich. I studied the retail business and worked for some years in a fashion boutique in Schwabing (= part of town in Munich). To this I added my education as beautician and make-up artist. My goal is, until the end of my life (and after, too) to know as much as possible about the many countries of our planet. On one of these travels I married without a moment's hesitation in Las Vegas, this episode was just of a short period...
My yearnings of travels which I find again in Chris Bleicher's Neon Picture Objects connect us since her beginnings as neonartist until today. Otherwise I am - in contrast with Chris - a more shy, introverted type, who likes to operate in the background.
Al Herb
Since more than 40 years I'm specialized in modell-photography. I knew Chris 1995 during her happening "The Night of Venus in the Jaguar". Since that time we worked very productively together and a friendship developed. With her presentations Chris Bleicher created new scenes again and again which I fixed then on celluloid. Over the years most of these photos have been published in innumerable newspapers and magazines. Our masterstroke was the "Butterfly-Table"-photo with bodypainting: It was taken by two big press agencies - independently from each other - something that did not happen to me in 40 years of modell-photography. Because of personal reasons I am not able to visit the studio as many times as I would like to, in order to create new modell-motifs.
I was born in Munich and for many years a fan of the "Schwabing" part of town. In the past I was a frequent guest in the Big Apple, Kinky, Stadtschreiber or Take Five. Today I prefer sitting in the street cafés of the Leopoldstrasse of Schwabing and I watch the scenery and people. My hobbies are Oldtimer and many holidays, the places I like most are far away: the USA, Hawaii, Brazil, Caribic, East Africa and Egypt. The South of France and Spain for short trips.
I've been a fan of Chris Bleicher's art for more than 10 years. I support her energetic events such as her spectacular exhibitions in Munich particularly her gala night with 14.000 (!) sunflowers for decoration at the Forum der Technik (= Forum of the Technology) in the German Museum and her exhibition in the zoo "Hellabrunn".
Helmuth M. Gaber
I am businessman for wholesale and foreign trade and work as holder of a general power of attorney and sales director for many years in the man-made material business. Chris and I met in 1996 through my work as an expert for man-made material-special parts. She constructed a special suitcase for the transportation of a piece of artwork to the U.S.A. Since then I was fascinated by her way of expressing of the not-ordinary objects, events and performances. Privately I'm active in leisure time sports, member of the "Deutscher Skilehrer Verband" (= "German Ski Instructor Association") and like to go mountain climbing, too. Earlier I was model for mountain-novel-cover photos.
Chris and I met each other through the
studio mascot "Carmen", who was lost in the stairwell. "Carmen" is a frequent guest at my home, even when Chris is not traveling. Between the many plants of the wintergarden and the terrace of the penthouse-apartment the artists'-cat feels obviously good. In 1997 Chris moved her studio, and so I collect "Carmen" by car which she doesn't like very much. Once at my home I am good to her with special delicacies. I like to spend my leisure time in the mountains. When "Carmen" is here for visit, she is allowed to go to the mountain cottage, too.
I am 28 years old, born and raised in Munich. As a trained bank clerk I presently work in the computer division for product marketing. When ever my leisure time allows it, I chat with you in the studio.
My favorite hobbies are extensive adventurous travels in Southeast Asia. My sport activities include snowboarding, wakeboarding, playing frisbee and all sorts of tun sports. As a balance to parties and beer garden visits, I enjoy the sun on my roof terrace in the Schwabing (= part of town).
Rudi Perzl
I received a master craftsmans diploma for the Siemens company. Since 1985 I am independent in the processing industry, producing individual parts, small series, special planes as well as development for aviation and space. For Chris's artwork I've manufactured special designed metal parts, too. Since then I've become a fan of her pictures in which I find motifs from distant countries. I especially like Africa and South America and in particular "Flyfishing" in Canada. A further hobby is the care and restoration of Oldtimers (antique cars).
I was born and raised in Munich. In spite of my 21 years I have been around quite a lot: For the last three school years I have been in a boarding school in London, after I had spent four months in Belize, in Central America, with a friendly married couple. I'm an absolute computerfreak and at the moment I completed an education as an office administrator.
As an addicted sunflower-fan (from the coffee cup to the bed linen) Chris was able to very easily get my help at her sunflower-happening in summer 1998. At her Westpark show in comparison, I stood literally in the water: With professional fishermen-pants I put her 2000 lights on the water surface. I'm looking forward to her upcoming "happenings" and events..
miau Carmen
"Carmen "is much more for me than just a studio mascot, therefore I dedicate here her own page to her. After about twelf years I'm still wondering about "Carmen" and her way of respecting things which are important to me: This means: since the first day of our living together she doesn't dig her claws into my art and my furniture, doesn't jump on tables and so on without training her. Our system works very simply: For getting an extra portion of food "Carmen" scratches very special demonstrations at her scratching-tree which I gave to her from the beginning. Even during playing she doesn't use her long weapons, as well when I hold her against her will. "Carmen" graces me through her presence and way, how we communicate together, our every day happiness which I would not like to be without again.

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