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Chris Bleicher's
Open End Exhibition LUMINOUS ENERGY
Due to the corona pandemic, closed until January 10th!

with art and gifts for every budget in the heart of Munich with
Neon Picture Objects (pictures which include painting, collages, 3D-elements and neon light),
(neon-)sculptures and much more...
By appointment with Chris Bleicher: chris@peepart.com

My Glasses Collecting runs open end, see peepart Charity

7th Geoje International Art Festival PEACE, AGAIN
Group-Exhibition in Yukyung Art Museum
- wich is part of Haegeumgang Theme Museum ist -
Sept. 1, 2021 - Nov. 25, 2021 in Geoje, Südkorea

1.9.-25.10.2021 Haegeumgang Theme Museum / Yukyung Museum of Art

1.11.-25.11.2021 Jeongeup Living Culture Center

1.12.-25.12.2021 Yeosu Art Museum

International Art Project
PERMANENT Open-Air-Exhibition
"Una Mattonella al Parasio"
September 2021 in Imperia, Italy
In cooperation with Monteoliveto Gallery

SOLO-Exhibition in Haegeumgang Theme Museum
Jan. 1, 2022 - Febr. 25, 2022 in Geoje, Südkorea

March 1.-15, 2022 Busan Culture and Arts Center
The exhibition for Chris Bleicher was confirmed by Daejeon City Hall
April 1.-25, 2022 Yeosu Museum of Art

Past Exhibitions (Selection) - see as well Biography

More about me see my peepart diary

As Germany's first female artist, I sent photos and texts every day in 2006 from New York City to the isarbote editorial team (Germany's first online newspaper), what was a technical adventure back then!

Febr. 20, 2020 - Jan. 31, 2021
Frauenmuseum Bonn (Germany)

Sept. 1 - Oct. 25, 2020
Haegeumgang Theme Museum
in Geoje, South Korea

After the exhibition, my two works of art go to the museum collection!
Video: here
Korean publication: here

Due to incalculable corona restrictions, i was unable to attend the
6th Geoje International Art Festival personally this year what I very much regret.

Sept. 1 - Oct. 25, 2019
Haegeumgang Theme Museum
in Geoje, South Korea
After the exhibition my artwork goes into the museum collection!

Shown are a selection of artists who participate the Art Festival in September
in the Haegeumgang Theme Museum in South Korea
127 artists from 35 countries participated the Art Festival in September 2019
in the Haegeumgang Theme Museum in South Korea. I was the only artist to represent Germany personally.
I won the EXCELLENCE price: Just 6 artists (from 127 international artists) won this important EXCELLENCE award for their artistic work. This award is for my artist's career very important, because the South Koreans are very strict and correct. The importance of this events is shown by the persons and sponsor companies named in the opening part of the catalogue.

All South Korean publications about the 5th Geoje International Art Festival to the theme FREEDOM AND PEACE reported about me as winner of the Excellence Price:

Numerous Publications, 7 among them in South Korea:
- with Photos of me:
gjin and geojejournal
- without photo of me but in the text: 'Chris Bleicher' and 'The Dream of Flying' in arabic letters in:
geojetimes    saegeoje    newstown    hannamilbo    newsseyegeoje

Print: Flieger Revue - Magazin for aero and aerospace: "Deutsche Neonkünstlerin gewinnt mit 'Traum vom Fliegen' Preis in Südkorea" = German Neon Artist Wins with 'The Dream of Flying' Award in South Korea11/2019

isarbote Front page screenshots screen and screen1
isarbote Beitrag, screenshots: screen  screen1  screen2  screen3  screen4  screen5

medium: Artist Chris Bleicher Presented with “Excellence Award” in South Korea hier

Ungarn Panorama: Titelseite in the photogallery, screenshots: screen und screen1
Ungarn Panorama under Kultur&Kunst, screenshots: screen  screen1  screen2
Ungarn Panorama under "Kultur&Kunst" click on top at Chris Bleicher, screenshots: screen  screen1  screen2  screen3  screen4  screen5  screen6  screen7  screen8

HVY Journalists, July 28, 2019: The Dream of Flying - Artist Chris Bleicher Goes to South Korea here

Digital Exhibition on Big Screen
Jan. 18.- Febr. 18, 2019 + March 2. - April 2, 2019:

265 W 37th street / 16. OG New York, NY 10018
Video - You'll find me at Min. 4:44 here
In Koop with Artosino Galerie and Vision Art Media

Dec. 1.-29, 2017
Exhibition in the Yukyung Art Museum
(= Part of Haegeumgang Museums) in Geoje, South Korea
After the exhibition my artwork went into the museum collection!

Delivery of my Neon Object "The Chicken in the Cockpit":
peepart diary Sept. 10.-18, 2017
SOLO-exhibition in NYC, Galley ARTIFACT peepart diary Sept. 5.-23, 2018

BIENNALE Barcelona 2017 (peepart diary May 3.-8, 2017,
opening hier     GOYA-Preisverleihung hier

ARTEXPO'17 in NYC (peepart Tagebuch 19.-26.4.2017), Eröffnung hier

Museum Spazio Tadini 2015 (peepart Tagebuch 5.-9.10. und 24.-25.10. Mailand (Italien)

ART MONACO im Grimaldi Forum mit Galerie Monteoliveto(peepart Tagebuch 22.-27.4.2014 und 20.-30.4.2013 (mit Königlicher Hoheit Maria Gabriella di Savoyen)

Chris Bleicher writing my peepart diary

More Info:


Chris Bleicher's Bavaria Art Souvenirs Webshop

Short version of peepart with new layout

NEW: BIO Agradable Urns!
To my lovingly handpainted (pet)urns and (pet)coffins:
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For new visitors and fans of the avantgarde and complex peepart LiveCam Project: New chat with (simple) webcam with Chris Bleicher - and other people - is planned since a long time, but by reason of numerous works on demand and travels it was postponed again and again... Please keep patient!

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