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Test of peepart LiveCam technology:
Reception Party with Chris Bleicher's assistants in her artists' studio

Friday, July 2000, 2 p.m. until
Saturday, July 8, midnight

First live broadcast from the studio on big screen:
on the occasion of the Millennium project of the city                                                             Königsbrunn Germany.

Already in the year ´2000 four peepart LiveCams broadcasted 24 hours online: The events of the day I was able to switch at night on repeat. It was a unique pioneering. My pc expert didn't know not yet what all was possible. So I asked him: Can you program this or that? He scratched his head, said YES, it costs that much and I said "MAKE IT!" After one year 24 hours daily, 7 days a week peepart live
I was able to record my studio partys and repeat them on D-Day. The visitors saw a live party, however it was a rerun of the LiveCam videotaping - this already in the year 2000!

The delicacy: The repeat-visitor saw the peepart Assistant who sat during the recording at the chat laptop. However, I (instead of the girls at that time)
could lead the chat.

Further there was live streaming (where the pictures still juddered)
to a Munich magazine.

The Seven Wonders of the World
Works ordered by the city of Kulmbach, Germany
October 2000

Chris Bleicher finished her orders: The Seven Wonders of Tomorrow..., interpreted artistically in modern times as Neon Picture Objects, neon sculptures as well as neon room installations with living installation (= installation made with organic material). The presentation took place on October 4/5, 2000 on occasion of the future conference "The Seven Wonders of the World of Tomorrow " in the town hall of Kulmbach. Because of the intensive work no other events took place in the studio. However, it was very interesting, to watch the production of the objects via LiveCams.

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