Contents and photographs are available to journalists as uncompressed jpg for download for publishing purposes. The same pictures in the tif-format will be transferred after E-Mail-Inquiry The photos are copyrighted and as such, photo credit and/or payment is required. After publishing we ask you kindly to send a copy to Chris Bleicher, Postfach 101117, 80085 Muenchen, Germany. Many thanks in advance.

peepart - Erotica and Art on the Internet - Press Release 1 - pictures to the theme

Pet-Urns and -Coffins from Artists' Hand ... - Press Release 2

Reports in TV about Chris Bleicher's art & URN ART

Press about Chris Bleicher's Art

Press about Chris Bleicher in the U.S.A.

Press about Chris Bleicher's URN ART

To publish here all reports in press would be out of all proportion.
For the complete list of reports in the media please contact us.

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