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peepart - Now Introducing Erotica and Art on the Internet / July 2000
Worldwide Art Project with 4 Live-Cameras in the Studio on the Internet

peepart: It is my new word creation: Even though this name may allow for mis-interpretations, it concerns a progressive virtual art project via the worldwide internet. Through this venue a live show will be made available to the public via my studio in Munich, Germany. Upon viewing the purpose of my art and message will quickly become clear to participants and virtual onlookers. As such the purpose of peepart became a unique entity of its own in my world of art.

peepart: Before too long, there will be a dramatic change in the perception of visual arts and the virtual world. As a neon- and performance-artist in the new century, I give insight through my artistic joy of creating. Four live cameras permanently watch my assistants and me at work and during leisure time and fun periods. Daily or weekly specials which will be put on display by me and will be scheduled and posted on the peepart-homepage in advance under "Events and Dates". Studio visitors and party guests, will be included as well.

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One or more of the international assistants will be available to chat live around the globe. Interested parties then can chat directly with the individual girls and women of their choice at certain announced times. The artist will communicate on the internet, too. The assistants will shortly be introduced with photo and text on the peepart-homepage. I will communicate through this venue as well. Through peepart I now place myself into the mix of the new century: the future without frontiers. With peepart I foresee a magaphone for my projects and above all my whole personal matter of concern: the preserving of nature in connection with technology! It will be interesting to see the psychological component with my peepart -project. How will the studio visitors react to my camera-installations?

The homepage-visitors will find frequent studio visitors in a so-called "Friendship Gallery". The erotic "Specials" (for example body painting with individual assistants) will be recorded and documented as live-video shows, because in my studio it will be as if "Big Brother" is watching everything as it happens. When the studio is closed during nighttime in Germany the day's video will be re-broadcast, so people from other continents can participate too (just a few hours later) in my studio life in Munich.

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I believe in the Exotic, Experimentalism, Erotica, Ecology and Humor and integrate these elements in my art works, happenings and performances. The peepart concept is to give a quick insight into my artistic life and to document it. The peepart-visitor therefore has a comfortable outlet for the possibility to participate in the projects presented by me, so to speak from the hour of its birth through to the completion of the events, preparations of exhibitions, customer visits and so on. "I regret very much, that I could not present many of the interesting and amusing situations to a bigger public." However, I am very pleased to now have not only personal in house studio visits but virtual guests!

The peepart-project runs open end.

Chris Bleicher

For further informations please contact Chris Bleicher:

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Photos©: Al Herb, Weichselbaumerstr. 10, 80686 Muenchen, Germany Tel. +49-89/568833

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