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Goodbye in Style
Artistic Pet Urns
Painted By Chris Bleicher

Urn Art

Acrylic on copper, numerated, waterproof and signed by the artist
The three models Harmony, Poetry and 4-You are suitable for medium-sized until big dogs.

Pet lovers have known it for a long time
and science has proven it too:
Mourning the death of a beloved pet
can be equated to the mourning of a person.
As friends and members of the family, animals play
a very important roll in the life of a person.
For many, therefore, the thought is unbearable to leave
their friend in the hands of a veterinarian after death.

To all pet holders, who's friend should be cremated
in a dignified manner, the Munich artist, Chris Bleicher,
offers an alternative with her lovingly hand-painted pet urns.
Signed and numbered (list of works), the following creations
show a range of her works. Each can be altered
to fit an individual's wish and become unique.
Chris Bleicher takes orders to create pieces tailored to
your needs and according to your ideas and wishes.

After thorough studies of the theme of death
Chris Bleicher found astonishing facts:

"To deal with ones demise during ones lifetime is infinitely positive!
My cat "CARMEN" and I have lived together for a good 17 years.
I don't want to give her to strangers after her death.
Her "altered presence" after death is very important to me.
When the moment comes to say goodbye
I don't want to make decisions about her final resting place.
Therefore my "CARMEN" experiences the "funeral culture"
while she is still alive.
As my declaration of love and in preparation for her death
I have given her the gift of a creatively painted pet urn.
Many pet lovers think like me and want
to honor their dear family member in death."

The urns and coffins express a dignified and respectful goodbye.

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