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Medicine Temple
Der Tempel der Artemis
Neon Picture Object
Green neon on acrylic painting,
golden leafes, recycling material
80" x 52", scale 1 : 100
Frame: Real gold on black grounding

The Power of Zeus
The Zeus Statue in Olympia
Neon Picture Object, Diptychon
Yellow neon on acryl painting
total 61" x 80"; each 61" x 40"

The Seven Miracles of Tomorrow...

Works produced to order
for the conference of technology
in Kulmbach, Oct. 2000

with BMW, E.ON Energie, GUB, IBM,
Microsoft, Novartis Seeds, Siemens

The tomb of Mausolos
Roof and pillars (carved from wood) on marble socket (Jerusalem Gold), treated with acrylic enamel, cristal on black acrylic socket, blue indirect neon installation, fiber glass cable
height 19", diameter 16"

Little Cheops With Golden Treasure
The Cheops-Pyramid
White acrylic glass, yellow neon,
topas-gem in golden leaf, sand
28.8" x 45.2" x 45.2"
scale 1 : 200

Communication Point
The Light-House ofAlexandria
Neon Object
Orange neon, acrylic glass,
71" x 24" x 24"

Colossus in Motion
The colossus ofRhodos
Neon wall installation
71" x 200"

No authentic documentation exists - although it was about 36 meters high (120 feet) - about the Colossus of Rhodos as to what it looked like and where it stood. Solely through memories are his tracks left behind. The neon and performance artist Chris Bleicher from Munich (Germany) interprets him here as a footprint in a neon-wall-installation in his impressive original shoe size. His foot reproduction also contains the DNA as a symbol of the human genetic code.

various seeds
included in acrylic resin,
40 kg real tomatoes

Hanging Gardens With Red Pearls
The Hanging Gardens Of Semiramis
Room Installation with "Living Installation" with 40 kg fresh tomatoes; flowers on acrylic platform with green neon, seeds in acrylic resin,

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