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Romeo and Juliet
Neon Sculpture

Romeo and Juliet
Neon installations on boths heads in a great variety
of colors: The effet of the neon light on the photo is lost.
Inside of the black acrylic glass socket is an original airplane piece
(filled with concrete to keep the weight of the heads); acrylic enamel
Juliet Height: 83" / Romeo Height: 65"

Chris Bleicher uses for her objects different materials like such as wastepaper and used original airplane pieces to draw attention to the subject of waste avoidance and recycling. She motivates with positive impulses. Man and nature, the intact future of our planet earth, these are the things that motivate her.

King of Bees
Animated gif, 80 KB download
Neon Sculpture
Yellow neon installation, acrylic enamel on recycling material
44" x 19" x 28" - sold

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