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Sunflowers with Vase
Neon Picture Object
violet neon on acrylic painting
and collages
115 x 108 cm

Van Gogh:
"Sunflowers", 1888

Door to zu Machu Picchu
Neon Picture Object
red neon on acrylic painting
182 x 141 cm

Van Gogh:
"Path with Entrance to View Point", 1887

Chestnut Tree in Spring (daytime)
Neon Picture Object
pink neon on acrylic painting
68 x 58 cm

Van Gogh:
"Blossoming Chestnut Tree", 1887

Van Gogh: "Garten with Flowers", 1888

Kastanienbaum im Frühling (nighttime)

Please note:
Pink neon light on photos is nearly white!
Pink "neon noses" are stilized pink flowers of the chestnut tree

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