Project "RAY OF HOPE"
Light Water-Performance with Happening

Postfach 101117
80085 Muenchen, Germany

Tel: +49 / 89 / 264142

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1st part: indoor performance

Vernissage and sun dance with the Isarnixen
(traditional Munich water ballet)
in "Gasthaus am Rosengarten", Munich

During the arrival of the guests
Michael Mahn with his
saxophone music interprets
Chris Bleicher's artwork

Spiraldisc 9901 - Spiraldisc with Sun Wind
room installation

Spiraldisc 9901 - Spiraldisc with Sun Wind (from top)
with ventilator, which is powered through the energy of solar cells.

PENTHOUSE - Magazine / Nov. 1999 :
"At the end of the millennium like pushing house wifes during winter sales. Most of them are endeavored, tired out, esoteric or simply stupid. A praiseworthy exception is the performance of the Munich neon artist Chris Bleicher, which puts a lecker girl on top of a disc with solar cells. Theme: "With light into the darkness of the new century" - a ray of hope, too for the solar energy."

Sun Wagon with Sun Disc "Sola" (166 cm in diameter) and Sun Keyring Pendant

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