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Neon Picture Object
green neon on acrylic painting,
collages, silvered frame
82 x 67 cm / 32" x 26"

Van Gogh "Three Sunflowers in a Vase", 1888

Oiran on the Way to Ill Repute
Neon Picture Object
red neon on acrylic painting, wooden frogs
101 x 65 cm / 40" x 26"

Van Gogh: "Japonaiserie: Oiran", 1887

The Temptation

Neon Picture Object
Orange neon installation on acrylic,
mixed media, among others collages, apple
in condome, brush, silvered frame
28" x 30" Close ups

Van Gogh: "Stilleben mit Bibel", 1885

Animated gif, 80 KB download
Rhino, Cat and C.B.
Neon Picture Object
Blue neon installation on acrylic
100 x 75 cm

Van Gogh:
"Selfportrait with Felt Hat Before Easle", 1886

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