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Series: Waterproof Sunshine
Suitable for wet areas like bath, swimming pool, open air

Winged Sun

Mixed media, among others gold leaf on acrylic, original parrot feathers,
12" in diameter, wingspan 34"

The winged sun disc is the solar power of Re
and means the renewal of life and divine being.

Little Sun Bee

Mixed media, among others acrylic,
12" in diameter - sold

The bee brings heavenly presents, and honey is the sacrificial offering for the highest Gods.

Tears of the Sun God Re, which fell on earth, became working bees.

Footstep for Helios

Mixed media, among others gold leaf and acrylic,
24" in diameter

Chris Bleicher immortalized herself with her "Footstep for Helios" painting, part of the neon wall installation "Colossus in Motion". Her footprint and the scetch where the bases of the draft.

No authantic written records exist of the 36 m high "Colossus of Rhodos", one of the "7 Wonders of the World". No one knows what he looked like and where he was located. Only word of mouth left a memory of this legend. Chris Bleicher created a footprint of his impressive shoe size of 5 m x 1,80 m in her neon wall installation: here (please scroll down to photo "Colossus in Motion".)

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