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After big technical modififactions since July 2000 now peepart can really get started

Friday, Nov. 24, 2000

At "Cool Action" with "South Seas Ice Princess" and a block of ice with
"Frozen Light Effect" pieces of ice flying around: Son, the Thai ice carving man
pecked like a woodpecker in just 45 minutes a sculpture from the heavy block
of ice (240 pounds). Ilona Prodan from Kaliningrad was his model.

As preaction I (Chris Bleicher) created with assistant Karin
as "South Seas Ice Princess" still quickly an improvized bodypainting.

Noei with her Thai group surprised all guests with an original big Thai-buffet.
The first party guests arrived at 6.00 p.m.. Apart from that that my studio was at times
under water everybody enjoyed the event. Many thanks to all guests, virtual visitors,
and assistants to have created such a wonderful evening-show.

Improvized Bodypainting,
by Chris Bleicher with
South Seas Ice Princess Karin
in the background: block of ice with
"Frozen Light Effect"

Son from Thailand
with artist Chris Bleicher,
model Ilona Prodan
and his ready ice-sculpture

block of ice with "Frozen Light Effekt",
whith changing of colors

Son with help:
ice carving with Frozen Light Effect
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