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Saturday, May 10, 2001

peepart BLUE Ladies & RED Drinks

The ladies were kindly asked to dress up in blu, if possible,blu
Gentlemen came in suitable evening gown.

STAR GUEST: Barbara Dennerlein

The recognized jazz organist - live " on the mobile camera."

FREE ENTRANCE to all liveCams + CHAT
with assistants and all others from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m.

For the vegetarian buffet in Red Food Design I say thank you to the star cook Frank Heppner and his I.P.O. - Catering Team

For the red drinks I say thank you at...
Campari Deutschland GmbH
...and for the excellent red wine
which was especially chosen for this occasion
at a wine-grower in Italy
Ursula Gross, ) Muenchen TelefonRudi Perzl, metal technology, Muenchen

STAR GUEST: Barbara Dennerlein
recognized jazz organist

Neon Picture Object

mayor's assistant of Munich Dr. Ingrid Anker
hostess Chris Bleicher
jazz organist Barbara Dennerlein

(from left to right)

STAR COOK: Frank Heppner
BLUE Ladies: "peepart" assistants

Helmut Kühnel held the speach about the artist and hostess Chris Bleicher

tv münchen"Talk of the town"

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