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Tuesday, February 27, 2001

peepart Carnival Tuesday:

special guest: RICHARD FÜRST
played the best on his piano

With numberless doughnuts Firma CAMPARI Germany!) I invited Faschingsnarren in my studio: ("peepart" assistants, friends and such, who want to be that, known friends, unknown friends, art lovers - some of them had on this day even a sense for art... Even the studio maskot "Carmen" run around dressed up! In front the entrance door to my studio in the center city was the Munich carnival procession. Therefore I opened for strollers my studio from noon until 2 p.m. We had such a lot of fun - thanks to Richard Fürst's great music; so that the last guests went away at 8.30 p.m.... For those, who could just drop in virtual I gave

FREE entrance to the liveCams + CHAT with assistants

"Carmen" was not disturbed by the hurly-burly,
as studio mascot she is used some...

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