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Thursday, Dec. 14, 2000
peepart South Seas Christmas Party

With South Seas Sound + Christmassy Angels Music
Carmen Ascher (flute) and Lilli Jordan (violin) enchanted the numerous
guests. The buffet as an exception created Chris Bleicher by herself:
"I had fun, to present to my guests some of my exotic recipes which
I collected parttime on my travels":

Bora Bora Salad with scampi, Surimi and cuttlefish in hot chili sauce
Maupiti - Cucumber salad - super exotic...
Poemoana - Appetizingly seasoned corn cookies
Santa Claus - Fried turkey meat with home-made Dip
Silver Bells - Creme of salmon and cream cheese on cräcker decorated with walnut and dill
peepart Surprise - Egg creme
South Seas Dream - Pineapple cream gateau
X-mas - Olive-hedgehog
Mama Po - Appetizingly seasoned puff pastry cookies
Tamaine - Fruit salad with pineapples, Bananas and Mandarins
served with Christmas cookies and mulled wine

Assistant Noei with her Thai-Culture-Group
orginized again a wonderful service.

CAMPARI Deutschland GmbH a big Thankyou for sponsoring my future studio events with CAMPARI Soda.

Angels music
by Carmen (flute) and Lilly (violin)
with South Seas Christmas Installation

Heavenly Sounds in front of:
"The Kiss of the Snake"
Neon Picture Object

Quiet as a mouse...

...listen the party guests to the sounds


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